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From: dave sexmad
Subject: Ed nudist very young could not say no. 11 part Bdavesexmad70hotmail.comAs always all disclaimers are in place and active.Ed could not say no. 11 part B.Vicki had to go take another shower as she was soaked in sweet and cum from
both her holes. She could not wait to talk to Alan again and find out more
about him and Dave.
It was then it hit her. It was dave who said bye not Alan Dave had been
there while she was sat kiddy illegal young naked talking to Alan.
She could see them in her minds eye now Alan naked still on his knees.
Dave's big cock pumping in and out out of his eager and willing mouth.
Vicki was doing it again fingering her cum dripping cunt with its swollen
and tender thick cunt lips. It was then she realized she had also become a
slut for sex.
A boy of 14 with a big cock and her fagot husband had made her into a
nymphomaniac. But as she sucked the cunt juice from her fingers a wicked
smile came on her lips as she loved it all.As she dried herself Vicki heard voices down stairs. Then Ed called her and
told her it was Dan the old guy from the park.
Vicki put on a black nylon wrap that just covered her private pates But did
not leave anything to your imagination as it was completely see through.
Plus high heels at least 4" high that made he leg`s stand out. with her hair
wet she looked real sexy.
Dan gave a low whistle when he seen her as she walked passed he young hot cunts
could see
the cheeks of her naked arse.
Dan said "God know wonder them boys like to fuck and feel you so much your
one hot pice of slut arse".
"Thank you but its not only boy`s cock and spunk i like you know". Vicki
said giving them both a flash of her clean shaved cunt.
As Vicki stood legs apart Dan drove two youngest innocent xxx
fingers up her wet cunt and started
to fuck her with them. She moaned as her clit was rubbed and started to
stiffen like a little cock.As he wanked her cunt Vicki undone Dan`s pants and released young 16 yo
his stiff cock.
As Vicki bent down taking it into her mouth dan noticed Ed`s shorts start to
Dan kissed Ed full on the lips then he said "fuck the slut up her arse i
want to hear her moan as she sucks the juice from my cock". Then kissed Ed
again open mouthed as he undone Eds shorts letting them drop to the floor.
Vicki was already moaning as she sucked on Dan`s cock as he called her
names.Ed was rock hard Dan took hold and rubbed Ed`s cock up and down making
him moan.
Dan was now fucking Vicki`s willing mouth. Ed moved behind her and held her
by her hips he shoved his cock head between her arse cheeks.
Dan said "ram that fucker right up the slut do it now". Ed shoved hard and
his cock drove up Vicki`s arse hole till his balls slaped hard against her
cunt lips.
As Vicki gave a young naked kid little yelp Dan shoved his cock deeper into her mouth "suck
my spunk from me you fucking slut sucker it".Vicki sucked hard and deep as Dan neared to his spunk shooting into her
willing mouth. Ed drove his cock deep then pulled back till only his big
cock head was up her arse.
When Dan started to spunk there was so much Vicki could not swallow it all.
Some dripped from the corners off her mouth onto the floor.
By then Ed was getting close to his climax Dan told Ed to spunk over her
back. When he started to shoot some shot so far it landed in her hair.
Vicki`s back was covered in cum and Ed`s cock in her arse juice with a
string off spunk hanging young teenz free from his big purple head.
Dan bent forward and sucked Ed`s cock clean then started to lick up his cum
of Vicki's back. When Vicki let his limp cock slip from her mouth.
Dan turned her around and knelt and rimed her arse hole then ate her cunt
till she climaxed for a fourth time.
Both her cunt and arse holes were running with juice as Dan licked them
clean while she told Ed to clean the spunk on the floor up.Ed got down and licked up the spunk that had dripped from her mouth when Dan
had face fucked her.
Vicki`s tits cunt and arse were swollen and tender plus her jaw aced but she
wanted more young ls rompl as she sat on the chair arm while Dan was on the chair. Dan
drove 3 fingers up her cunt and wanked her to another climax.
That was it Vicki nearly collapsed and Ed helped her up stairs to the bed
that she collapsed on into a deep

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